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Business Consulting

Business Consulting


Do you want to sell the company, but you do not know how to execute the sales process? Do you need strategic partner for your business? Would you need, prior to the negotiations, support with preparation of starting-points, support with strategic thinking and consultancy in execution of negotiations? You want to enter into new markets? Do you have business idea, but do not know how to realize it? Would you want to start new projects within your company, but you have lack in staff or experiences?


In regard to all mentioned and also in many other cases we offer you support in the scope of service of business consulting, which covers especially the following business areas:

  •     Sale and purchase of companies
  •     Integration with strategic partners
  •     Consulting and support in negotiations
  •     Creation of business plans
  •     Project’s support
  •     Administrative support for project companies
  •     Optimization of business processes
  •     Running and managing companies in difficulties (i.e. crisis management)


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