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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting


Do you want to expend business and you need additional financial sources? Do you intent to replace the existing credit sources with more favorable?  Do you need financial, investment or cash-flow plan? You don’t have your own accounting department and you want to outsource one? You have to evaluate your own financial investments? Do you have liquidity surplus, but you are not sure where to invest them? You have attractive projects, but you do not know how to acquire subventions or non-refundable grants?


In regard to all mentioned and also in many other cases we offer you support in the scope of service of financial consulting, which covers especially the following financial areas:


  •     Acquiring financial sources
  •     Optimization of company’s financial operations
  •     Investment consulting
  •     Accounting
  •     Preparation of financial and investments plans
  •     Evaluation of companies
  •     Acquiring of subventions and non-refundable grants


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